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Fireplaces and Chimneys

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Design a classic fireplace mantel Design a classic fireplace mantel

Fireplaces are appreciated and sought after for more than just their practical uses.

Kindling Creativity
Kindling Creativity

A fireplace not only adds warmth to any room, it also sets the tone

Framing the flames
Framing the flames

A mulititude of fireplace designs can help accentuate the ambience of your home

A Kitchen Opens Wide to the Outdoors
A Kitchen Opens Wide to the OutdoorsOnline Membership Required

Walls fold away at one corner to let this room mingle with a hillside meadow

Build the Mantelpiece in 3D First
Video: Build the Mantelpiece in 3D First

A free 3D drawing tool helps visualize difficult projects before you make your first cut

A TV Complicates the Mantelpiece
A TV Complicates the MantelpieceOnline Membership Required

Tips on trim details and new design tools from a big project 

A High-Performance Spec House
A High-Performance Spec HouseOnline Membership Required

A team approach creates an energy-efficient and environmentally friendly house for a growing market

Raising the Baby Barn
Raising the Baby BarnOnline Membership Required

Bit by bit, an architect builds a vacation house in the Vermont foothills

A Gallery of Unique Fireplaces

Deconstructing fire bricks and ingelnooks, plus Rumford, Irori and Kiva fireplaces explained

Concrete Possibilities: A Gallery of Ideas

Designer Fu-Tung Cheng illustrates the aesthetic potential of concrete

Structurally Speaking
Structurally Speaking

A family's mountain retreat comes together as an eloquent sum of its parts

Celtic Mantel
Celtic Mantel

A year of carving carefully produced a masterpiece of complexity. See detail photos of the mantel on the back cover of the June/July 2004 issue.

Northwest LodgingOnline Membership Required

Site-milled timbers and local river rock transform a house with a simple floor plan into a rustic camp

3 Fireplace MantelsOnline Membership Required

Different designs, different materials, and different techniques all yield great results

Viewing 1 - 15 of 21 results