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Bases and Stands

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A-Frame Drying Rack Tip: A-Frame Drying Rack

Recycled Roller Stand
Tip: Recycled Roller Stand

6 Great Miter-Saw StandsOnline Membership Required

The best models help you to handle a multitude of carpentry tasks by setting up quickly, moving easily, and providing solid support

Miter-Saw-Stand Madness
Video: Miter-Saw-Stand Madness

Mike Guertin explains the classes of miter-saw stands and demonstrates their benefits

More Miter-Saw Stands Reviewed

Comments on seven additional stands reviewed by our testers

Tip: Low-budget tablesaw extension

A folding miter-saw stand
Tip: A folding miter-saw stand

Self-centering router base
Tip: Self-centering router base

The Knock-Down ShopOnline Membership Required

A precision shop is set up in less than five minutes using collapsible tables and a salvaged panel door

Souping up a Chopsaw StandOnline Membership Required

To get all the features he needed in a chopsaw stand, one finish carpenter made his own extension tables and stops

Tablesaw top extension
Tip: Tablesaw top extension

Light-duty outfeed table
Tip: Light-duty outfeed table

Quick setup for inverted router
Tip: Quick setup for inverted router

Temporary saw stand
Tip: Temporary saw stand

Viewing 1 - 15 of 33 results