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How to Afford an Architect
How to Afford an Architect

Proven ways to save the design team’s time and your money

Is green building too expensive?
Is green building too expensive?

How much higher do energy costs have to rise before people will pay a premium for a house that is LEED-certified?

Making the Green-Building Dean's List

LEED for Homes is a new, comprehensive national certification program for green, energy-efficient homes. Builders who’ve tried it like it, but will it change the way houses are built?

Tax Credits for Historic Buildings

Federal and state incentive programs make rehabilitating durable old buildings cost-effective

Latinos will drive the next housing boom

Former secretary of the Deptartment of Housing and Urban Development Henry Cisneros predicts an urban renaissance

Building Codes for a Small Planet
Video: Building Codes for a Small Planet

David Eisenberg discusses the impacts of construction and development on the environment. Some of his examples will surprise you.

Home, a social asset

Home ownership has its obvious benefits, but should it fall on taxpayers to uphold them?

Don't Overlook These Deductions
Don't Overlook These Deductions

An excerpt from James M. Kramon's Smart Business for Contractors: A Guide to Money and the Law

How Much Will My Kitchen Cost?Online Membership Required

Use an architect's reality checklist to calculate approximate remodeling costs before any design work starts

A contract that makes everybody happy

An architect explains why fixed-price and T&M contracts are not your only options when hiring a general contractor 

A dismal standard
A dismal standard

A veteran builder bemoans the state of the construction industry today

25 Years of Milestones
Editors Pick
25 Years of Milestones

From OSB and cordless drills to The Home Depot and HGTV, here's a look at how the past quarter-century has shaped the home-building industry

Change orders can help avoid dreaded lawsuits
Change orders can help avoid dreaded lawsuits

Disputes can be avoided with change orders that provide accurate records of costs

How Much Will it Cost?

An architect's reality checklist helps you to project the true costs of a new home or remodel before it gets to the drawing board

Building Is Risky Business

Create a plan to protect yourself from unnecessary insurance claims and skyrocketing premiums

Viewing 31 - 45 of 64 results