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Exterior Trim

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Today's Best Exterior Trim Today's Best Exterior Trim Online Membership Required

A veteran carpenter sorts through 10 of the latest engineered options

PVC Roof Trim
PVC Roof TrimOnline Membership Required

A coastal builder’s technique for durable and weathertight fascias and soffits is based on years of experience with plastic trim

Building Craftsman-Style Brackets
Building Craftsman-Style BracketsOnline Membership Required

Add a custom touch where your roof needs a little support

Foam Forms for Concrete Caps
Foam Forms for Concrete Caps

Work Smart With PVC Trim
Work Smart With PVC TrimOnline Membership Required

For good results with this rotproof material, you have to understand how it moves

Site-Made Moldings in a Pinch
Site-Made Moldings in a PinchOnline Membership Required

When all you need is a few feet of millwork to match existing trim, look to the tablesaw, a block plane, and some sanding blocks

The Only Way to Trim Exterior WindowsOnline Membership Required

The key to durable trim and minimal trips up the ladder is to assemble it first and install it later.

Fascia joints that won’t open
Q & A: Fascia joints that won’t open

Primer to go
Primer to goOnline Membership Required

EndCuts sealer

Reproducing historic architectural details
Reproducing historic architectural detailsOnline Membership Required

When a train station's 120-year-old roof brackets decay, a carpenter braces the roof and constructs a detailed template to guide the restoration 

Singular Details

Rebuilding the cornice of the Octagon house

Designing the right roof rake
Designing the right roof rakeOnline Membership Required

Among the important details on a roof is the rake, the sloping edge along the end wall of a gable, shed, or gambrel roof

Restoring Montpelier's Exterior

Preserverving a historic home brick-by-brick

How Giant Clamshells Form

This massive entryway above a Rhode Island beach was inspired by nature, but built by hand

No-hassle vented frieze blocks
Tip: No-hassle vented frieze blocks

Viewing 1 - 15 of 70 results