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Finish Carpentry

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Handheld laser measuring tools
Video: Handheld laser measuring tools

Laser measures do the math for you. Can your tape measure do that?

Router Tricks for TrimOnline Membership Required

Armed with two routers and three bits, an experienced carpenter shares five problem-solving tips for trim, cabinets, doors, and stairs

Tool Test: Laser MeasuresOnline Membership Required

Handheld laser measuring tools are more affordable than ever, but are they accurate enough to replace a tape measure?

Video Tool Review: Festool Kapex Miter-saw
Video: Video Tool Review: Festool Kapex Miter-saw

Festool's new Kapex KS120 SCM delivers on features, precision

Elegant Wainscot From Drywall ScrapsOnline Membership Required

Use strips of drywall to create custom paneling that will add detail and charm to most any room

How to Build a Coffered Ceiling With Box BeamsOnline Membership Required

Built of plywood and MDF, these beams go up quickly, resist movement, take paint well, and even level a wavy ceiling

Trim RoutersOnline Membership Required

These compact tools are handy for small routing tasks, but most have room for improvement

Building a Cherry Entry DoorOnline Membership Required

Easy-to-follow steps for making a strong, elegant door and a weatherproof threshold

Craftsman-Style CasingOnline Membership Required

Clean lines and balanced proportions are the key ingredients for this classic trim treatment

Creating Custom Curved Moldings
Video: Creating Custom Curved Moldings

Technology and craftsmanship combine to create curved moldings for cabinetry, doors, and windows

One-handed starter holes for screws
Tip: One-handed starter holes for screws

What's the Difference: Construction adhesive
What's the Difference: Construction adhesiveOnline Membership Required

Are solvent-free, low-VOC products any good?

Viewing 31 - 45 of 343 results