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Finish Carpentry

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Finish Stairs With Finesse Finish Stairs With Finesse Online Membership Required

Carefully planned skirts and a couple of tricks make trimming stairs an easier job, no matter how bad the framing

Audio: Finishing New Stairs in an Old House
Audio: Finishing New Stairs in an Old House

A finish job years in the making takes a few turns, but comes out all right in the end

Router Tricks for TrimOnline Membership Required

Armed with two routers and three bits, an experienced carpenter shares five problem-solving tips for trim, cabinets, doors, and stairs

A Sweeping Handrail for a Centerpiece StairOnline Membership Required

A pitch-block jig and a deadman stand are two keys in transforming a jumble of parts into a continuous handrail

Solving Tough Miter Angles for Staircase Baseboards
Video: Solving Tough Miter Angles for Staircase Baseboards

Use a sliding T-bevel and simple angles to simplify skirtboard and landing transitions

Quick Tips for Better Stair Building

A master stairbuilder shares five simple techniques that greatly improve staircase construction

An easier handrail connectionOnline Membership Required

Zipbolt UT rail bolt

Paint-grade wainscot on a curved stairwell
Paint-grade wainscot on a curved stairwell

With the use of bendable materials and flexible molding, builder Joe Milicia took the challenge of working with wainscot to a new level

From Rough Frame to Finished StairsOnline Membership Required

A foolproof method for installing skirtboards, treads, and risers

Q & A: Splitting angles

Building a Custom Box Newel
Editors Pick
Building a Custom Box NewelOnline Membership Required

A hollow post made of mitered panels is easily detailed with stock moldings

Making a Curved Handrail
Editors Pick
Making a Curved HandrailOnline Membership Required

With the stairs as a form, laminating commercially available bending rail is easier than it appears

Hanging a Wall Railing

Get it at the right height and make sure it's fastened to the framing; someone's life may depend on it

Installing Handrails Made From Stock PartsOnline Membership Required

A full-scale drawing and some shop-built jigs can ease the assembly of expensive stair parts

Viewing 1 - 15 of 43 results