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Framing Stairs with a Landing Framing Stairs with a Landing Online Membership Required

An L-shaped staircase is less complicated than you might think, and the framing techniques shown here will improve even the most basic set of stairs.

Build Like a Pro: Better Staircase Framing
Video: Build Like a Pro: Better Staircase FramingOnline Membership Required

A pro shares a framing method for high-performance stairs that resist cracking, shrinking, and warping

Framing a Staircase
Framing a Staircase

34 steps to building cut-stringer stairs

Curved Deck StairsOnline Membership Required

A temporary form and laminated plywood stringers make building these stairs easier than you might think

Framing Curved Stairs on SiteOnline Membership Required

A stud wall, not a laminated stringer, shapes these stairs

Storage StairOnline Membership Required

An alternative to conventional framing takes advantage of normally wasted space

Cooperative CraftsmanshipOnline Membership Required

Distinctive wood detailing, tile work, stained glass and carving in a California living room

Basic Stairbuilding
Video: Basic Stairbuilding

Discover how to build solid and attractive stairs

Build Like a Pro: Precision Stair Stringers
Video: Build Like a Pro: Precision Stair StringersOnline Membership Required

A method for laying out stair stringers using a construction calculator

Framing Floors and Stairs
Video: Framing Floors and Stairs

A production framer explains how to streamline the process

Viewing 1 - 10 of 10 results