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Green Building

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Understanding LEED-H Scorecards

Reports from three case studies outline what it takes to achieve LEED for Home's silver, gold, and platinum ratings

Is green building too expensive?
Is green building too expensive?

How much higher do energy costs have to rise before people will pay a premium for a house that is LEED-certified?

Making the Green-Building Dean's List

LEED for Homes is a new, comprehensive national certification program for green, energy-efficient homes. Builders who’ve tried it like it, but will it change the way houses are built?

Tax Credits for Historic Buildings

Federal and state incentive programs make rehabilitating durable old buildings cost-effective

Getting to Zero Energy

Common-sense solutions for creating homes that are self-reliant, resilient, and versatile

Remodeling for Energy EfficiencyOnline Membership Required

Can a 150-year-old house approach net-zero energy use? Three case studies point the way from the 19th to the 21st century.

Solar Hot Water
Editors Pick
Solar Hot Water

No matter where you live, a solar system can reduce energy costs and provide a reliable supply of domestic hot water

A Better Home Right Now
A Better Home Right Now

This concept home shows how smart design, advanced building practices, and modern technologies improve livability and energy performance

Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms
Video: Durisol Insulated Concrete Forms

They stack like concrete blocks, but are made of recycled wood

Tour West Coast Green's Eco-Prefab
Video: Tour West Coast Green's Eco-Prefab

Compact and beautiful, mkLotus is a zero-energy house with major appeal 

Video Highlights from West Coast Green 2007

New and notable green products and a tour of West Coast Green's showhouse, mkLotus

AirTap Water Heater Heating Element
Video: AirTap Water Heater Heating Element

This add-on to your water heater uses hot air to heat the water in your tank

Lime Plaster
Video: Lime Plaster

Lime-based plaster creates a durable wall finish that's a breath of fresh air 

Viewing 31 - 45 of 74 results