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Green Building

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From Luxury to LEED
From Luxury to LEEDOnline Membership Required

Used to building big houses with big budgets, the Picton brothers earned a platinum rating with their first modest green home—but mastering the learning curve wasn’t always a smooth ride

Green Yesterday, Code Today
Green Yesterday, Code Today

Thanks to the green-building movement, energy efficiency is becoming a mainstay in the IRC and the IECC. But what does it mean to you?

Exploiting the Elements of Passive Design
Exploiting the Elements of Passive DesignOnline Membership Required

This home uses five systems to reduce its environmental impact, lower its operating cost, and improve its connection to the land

Green-building advice that's easy to swallow
Green-building advice that's easy to swallow

A new interactive tool that emphasizes quality practices for builders, architects, designers, and homeowners

Attic-Insulation Upgrade
Editors Pick
Attic-Insulation UpgradeOnline Membership Required

Seal air leaks first; then add extra insulation for an energy-saving improvement with great bang for the buck

Build It Green! 2008
Video: Build It Green! 2008

A video introduction to Portland's Green Homes Tour + Info Fair

Tour the Kelley Green Home
Tour the Kelley Green HomeOnline Membership Required

Get an in-depth look at a near-zero energy house featuring recycled materials and solar-heating and rainwater-harvesting systems

Building Green Homes in the Pacific Northwest
Building Green Homes in the Pacific Northwest

Video tours and takeaways from Portland's Build It Green! 2008 event

Living better, but wasting less

Living off the fat of our water abundance must end, eventually

Ask the Energy Expert Video Series
Ask the Energy Expert Video Series

Take one energy expert, add questions, and get really smart answers

Energy-Smart Advice for Remodeling
Video: Energy-Smart Advice for Remodeling

The time to think about the energy impact of an addition is before demolition begins

A Brick Rehab Meets LEED's Highest StandardsOnline Membership Required

Solar panels aside, you can’t see the upgrades that make this downtown remodel so energy efficient

Is Wood Heat the Answer?Online Membership Required

By installing a modern wood-heat appliance, you can save money this winter and reduce your environmental impact

This Roof Grows Greener
Video: This Roof Grows Greener

Learn how planting a roof can help fight global warming

Viewing 1 - 15 of 42 results