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Maple flooring over radiant heat? Q & A: Maple flooring over radiant heat?

Warm Floors on a Tight Budget
Warm Floors on a Tight BudgetOnline Membership Required

Using factory-assembled pieces and swapping a boiler for a water heater can lower the cost of radiant-floor heating systems

Warm Floors Now Easier Than EverOnline Membership Required

Radiant-panel systems a carpenter can install are perfect under a wood floor

Hydronic Radiant-Floor HeatingOnline Membership Required

Concrete slabs, thin slabs and metal plates offer different ways of routing radiant heat underneath every floor in the home

Q & A: Detailing a thin radiant slab

Q & A: Finding lightweight concrete

Q & A: Electric-radiant slabs and health

Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 results