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Versatile sink-installation tool
Versatile sink-installation toolOnline Membership Required

Ridgid introduces a new type of faucet wrench

Removing Concrete Countertop Forms
Removing Concrete Countertop FormsOnline Membership Required

Once the pour cures, a surgical hand protects the unfinished surface

Vent an Island Sink...and Other Tricky SpotsOnline Membership Required

A handy one-way valve eliminates most of the plumbing work

Kitchen Sinks That ShineOnline Membership Required

With so many shapes, sizes, colors, and materials, one may not be enough

Supporting a sink cutout
Tip: Supporting a sink cutout

Installing a Kitchen Sink

From cutting a hole in the counter to attaching the faucets and drain, a master plumber shows the way

Making a Solid-Surface CountertopOnline Membership Required

Synthetic materials can be worked like wood and polished like stone

Replacing a Kitchen Sink - Part 2: Installation, Caulking, and Plumbing
Video: Replacing a Kitchen Sink - Part 2: Installation, Caulking, and Plumbing

Now that the fixtures are on the sink, see how to lay it into position, seal the edges, and connect the waste and water lines.

Viewing 1 - 9 of 9 results