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Maintenance and Repair

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Tip: Pickup-bed debris control

Tip: Production pipe-soldering

Repair Garbage Disposals Safely
Video: Repair Garbage Disposals Safely

Learn how to clear a jammed garbage disposal and replace the unit properly

Replacing a garbage disposal

Here's what to do when troubleshooting reveals a quick fix or repair is not an option

Q & A: Ring-shank nails for clapboards

The Best Way to Insulate a Rim Joist

Stop energy losses with a spray-foam kit

Magnetic Nail Cleanup
Video: Magnetic Nail CleanupOnline Membership Required

How you can capitalize on an age-old technique used to clean debris

Circular-saw repair

Learn how to replace a circular-saw cord and trigger switch

Circular-Saw Tune-Up
Video: Circular-Saw Tune-UpOnline Membership Required

Extend the life of your circular saw with simple cleaning and maintenance

Low-Risk ReroofOnline Membership Required

Protect the outside and the inside of the house, and tear off only what you can reroof in a day

Mud-bucket debris chute
Mud-bucket debris chute

Q & A: Repairing tile membrane

Replacing a Circular-Saw Switch and Cord
Video: Replacing a Circular-Saw Switch and Cord

A tool pro demonstrates a common circular saw repair

Plastic hinge shims
Plastic hinge shimsOnline Membership Required

Quick align hinge shims

Tailgate gravel shield
Tip: Tailgate gravel shield

Viewing 31 - 45 of 371 results