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Maintenance and Repair

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Low-Risk Reroof Low-Risk Reroof Online Membership Required

Protect the outside and the inside of the house, and tear off only what you can reroof in a day

Slate Roofing and Repair Techniques
Video: Slate Roofing and Repair Techniques

A skilled installer shows how to work with slate tiles

A Durable Roof-Valley Repair

Eliminate leaks with peel-and-stick membrane and metal flashing

An Editor's Weekend
An Editor's Weekend

A confessed serial remodeler hits the roof

Q & A: Weatherizing a porch

Shingle lifter
Tip: Shingle lifter

Tip: Emergency flat-roof repair

Q & A: Shingling a low-slope roof

Tip: How to hide roofing sealant

Q & A: Upgrading a foam-insulated roof

Q & A: Reducing noise from above

Q & A: Preventing ice dams in valleys

Q & A: Venting a roof without eaves

Q & A: Ridge vents and snow

Viewing 1 - 15 of 23 results