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Framing a Deck with Steel
Framing a Deck with SteelOnline Membership Required

Lighter, straighter, and stronger than wood, steel joists and beams can be a long-lasting option

Removing Vinyl Siding
Removing Vinyl Siding

You Don't Know Foam
You Don't Know FoamOnline Membership Required

Whether you use a gun or a straw, there’s more to filling a gap than pulling a trigger

Choosing Impact-Rated Glass
Q & A: Choosing Impact-Rated Glass

Torture Test: Paint Strippers
Torture Test: Paint StrippersOnline Membership Required

Safer products get the job done, but unfortunately, the fastest are the most toxic

Polymer Shower Walls
Polymer Shower Walls

Patching holes in siding
Q & A: Patching holes in siding

Soldering copper cap flashing
Soldering copper cap flashing

A pro shows how he shapes and solders copper cap flashing, a window's first line of defense against water

Better basement insulation
Better basement insulation

InSoFast insulation panels simplify the process of installing insulation

Q & A: Recycle vinyl and PVC

Creating the Poetry House
Creating the Poetry House

Salvaged materials and unorthodox building methods are used to create a small, sacred structure

Q & A: Is canned foam fire-safe?

Viewing 1 - 15 of 316 results