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Adequate Roof Venting Q & A: Adequate Roof Venting

All About Ice Dams
All About Ice Dams

It’s that dreaded time of year again when our worst insulation and air-sealing fears materialize as ice dams on our roofs. Learn how to prevent them.

Cape Dormer Eve
Q & A: Cape Dormer Eve

Perfect Roof Rafters
Perfect Roof RaftersOnline Membership Required

Focus your efforts on the pattern rafter, and the rest of the roof falls into place easily

21st Century Post-and-Beam Barn
21st Century Post-and-Beam BarnOnline Membership Required

Modern hardware takes the place of time-consuming traditional timber-framing joinery in this 14x20 barn

Attic-Ventilation Strategies
Attic-Ventilation Strategies

Air-Sealing SIP Seams
Air-Sealing SIP Seams

Decking Over a Roof
Decking Over a RoofOnline Membership Required

Detail the roof correctly, and the decking part of the job is easy

Installing a Low-Slope EPDM Roof
Installing a Low-Slope EPDM RoofOnline Membership Required

Done with care, a flat roof can provide 20 years of leak-free service

Stormproof Your Roof
Stormproof Your RoofOnline Membership Required

Self-adhering underlayment provides critical protection in vulnerable locations

Venting a Tricky Old Roof
Venting a Tricky Old RoofOnline Membership Required

Retrofitting undershingle intake and ridge vents helped to cool and dry this 120-year-old attic

Dress Up a Vent Pipe With a Copper BootOnline Membership Required

Flash roof penetrations with a soldered copper pan and sleeve for an elegant detail that lasts a lifetime

Viewing 1 - 15 of 177 results