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5 Roofs That Will Last a Lifetime 5 Roofs That Will Last a Lifetime Online Membership Required

These premium products offer time-tested longevity, so your choice depends on price, appearance, and installation requirements

Q & A: Layout for laminated shingles

Q & A: Fire-treating cedar shakes

Shingling guide
Tip: Shingling guide

Sheathing a RoofOnline Membership Required

You're 30 ft. in the air, walking on narrow framing members and manhandling sheets of plywood that'll catch the wind like canvas sails. You'd better know what you're doing.

Getting sheathing onto the roof
Tip: Getting sheathing onto the roof

Q & A: Venting a roof without eaves

Choosing RoofingOnline Membership Required

Up in the air about using asphalt, wood, slate, tile or metal to keep out the rain? There are lots of choices, and they all have advantages

Built-Up Cedar RoofingOnline Membership Required

Common shingles mimic a traditional reed thatch

Roof-sheathing jig
Tip: Roof-sheathing jig

Building an Arched DormerOnline Membership Required

This unusual project took some concentrated thought about the framing and an interesting roofing material to top it off

Shingle ThatchOnline Membership Required

Steam-bent shingles, curved framing and wave coursing create a roof with character

Shingle shelf
Tip: Shingle shelf

Roof ShinglingOnline Membership Required

With only a few rules to follow, putting on a wood roof can be relaxing work with pleasant materials

Viewing 1 - 14 of 14 results