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Proper Ladder Setup Video: Proper Ladder Setup Online Membership Required

This method makes sure you'll be safe on your ladder, and it only takes a second

Home ElevatorsOnline Membership Required

A residential elevator can reduce the price of your new home, and it'll do the heavy lifting if you can't

Extension Ladder BasicsOnline Membership Required

How to move, raise, and secure these essential tools safely

Asphalt Shingling From the Top Down
Editors Pick
Asphalt Shingling From the Top DownOnline Membership Required

On steeply pitched roofs, working from the ridge down is faster, safer and easier on the shingles

Replacing a MudsillOnline Membership Required

Careful bracing inside and out holds a house steady as rot is removed

Framing With a CraneOnline Membership Required

For lifting beams, walls or material, cranes can save your wallet and your back

A Safer Job Site

OSHA and NAHB team up to identify the key safety issues for residential builders

The Right Way to Set Up and Climb a Ladder
The Right Way to Set Up and Climb a Ladder

Simple guidelines minimize the risk of serious injury

Tip: Setting a ladder

Staging plank supports
Tip: Staging plank supports

ScaffoldingOnline Membership Required

What goes up mustn't come down accidentally

Viewing 1 - 12 of 12 results