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Removing Vinyl Siding Removing Vinyl Siding

Choosing Sides
Choosing SidesOnline Membership Required

Vinyl is low cost, low maintenance, and immensely popular, but is it right for your house?

Getting Shutters Right
Getting Shutters Right

Melted Vinyl Siding
Q & A: Melted Vinyl Siding

One-Piece Corner Boards
Tip: One-Piece Corner Boards

Shingle-Drying Rack
Tip: Shingle-Drying Rack

Making Common Siding Repairs
Making Common Siding RepairsOnline Membership Required

Whether you’re replacing wood, fiber cement, or vinyl, choose the right tools, and minimize the collateral damage

Keep Siding Dry With a Vented Rain Screen
Keep Siding Dry With a Vented Rain ScreenOnline Membership Required

The best way to deal with water is to let it drain away or dry out, and a gap of less than an inch behind the siding ensures both

First-rate fiber-cement saw
First-rate fiber-cement saw

Ridgid's Fuego 5-in fiber-cement saw (R3400) features a unique dust-collection system

Patching holes in siding
Q & A: Patching holes in siding

Remodeling from the Top Down
Remodeling from the Top Down

The phrase "flipping a house" means something entirely different to one Minnesota architect and his family

Q & A: Recycle vinyl and PVC

Viewing 1 - 15 of 92 results