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Bases and Stands

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Bases and Stands Product Finder
6 Great Miter-Saw Stands 6 Great Miter-Saw Stands Online Membership Required

The best models help you to handle a multitude of carpentry tasks by setting up quickly, moving easily, and providing solid support

Miter-Saw-Stand Madness
Video: Miter-Saw-Stand Madness

Mike Guertin explains the classes of miter-saw stands and demonstrates their benefits

More Miter-Saw Stands Reviewed

Comments on seven additional stands reviewed by our testers

Tip: Low-budget tablesaw extension

A folding miter-saw stand
Tip: A folding miter-saw stand

Self-centering router base
Tip: Self-centering router base

The Knock-Down ShopOnline Membership Required

A precision shop is set up in less than five minutes using collapsible tables and a salvaged panel door

Souping up a Chopsaw StandOnline Membership Required

To get all the features he needed in a chopsaw stand, one finish carpenter made his own extension tables and stops

Tablesaw top extension
Tip: Tablesaw top extension

Light-duty outfeed table
Tip: Light-duty outfeed table

Quick setup for inverted router
Tip: Quick setup for inverted router

Temporary saw stand
Tip: Temporary saw stand

Shopping for a Chopsaw StandOnline Membership Required

If you've been working with your saw on the floor and your work propped up on 2x4 blocks, it may be time to get off your knees

The ridge stool
Tip: The ridge stool

Knock-down saw stand
Tip: Knock-down saw stand

Viewing 1 - 15 of 27 results