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Jigs and Fixtures

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Jigs and Fixtures Product Finder
Trim Routers Trim Routers Online Membership Required

These compact tools are handy for small routing tasks, but most have room for improvement

Fuss-free door hanger's jig
Fuss-free door hanger's jigOnline Membership Required


Build a Simple Door Buck
Video: Build a Simple Door BuckOnline Membership Required

Low on materials and high on utility, this door buck can be made with ease

Editors Pick
Router Bits I Can't Live WithoutOnline Membership Required

A carpenter reveals favorites, and the jigs that make them handy

Tablesaw tapering jig
Tip: Tablesaw tapering jig

Pocket-Hole JigsOnline Membership Required

Tools for making quick, strong joints in everything from cabinets to window casings

The glue sled
Tip: The glue sled

Job-Site Sharpening TipsOnline Membership Required

The right tools and a few easily made jigs will give you an edge on your chisels, your planes and your competition

Building a Crosscut Sled for a Table SawOnline Membership Required

Making square cuts on wide stock is quick, safe and easy with this simple jig that you can build in a day

Stud-cutting bench
Tip: Stud-cutting bench

A Door Hanger's JigsOnline Membership Required

A door specialist reveals a few shop-made accessories that make the job faster and easier

The bench hook
Tip: The bench hook

Simple Tools for Faster FramingOnline Membership Required

An expert framer describes how to get more done in less time with the help of patterns, templates and jigs

A Veteran Stairbuilder's Tools and TipsOnline Membership Required

Modified tools and custom jigs expedite staircase assembly

Plastic pipe cutoff jig
Tip: Plastic pipe cutoff jig

Viewing 1 - 15 of 36 results