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Levels Product Finder
An Inside Look at Box-Beam Levels
An Inside Look at Box-Beam LevelsOnline Membership Required

How accurate is accurate enough? It all depends on the bubble vial and frame construction.

Bosch Laser Range Finder
Video: Bosch Laser Range Finder

New and noteworthy staff picks from the 2007 International Builders' Show

Laser Levels: Bet You Can't Buy Just OneOnline Membership Required

Combining the capabilities of dot, line, and rotary lasers will send your other layout tools into retirement

Laser Levels: Manufacturers

 A list of links to view the tools and their specs

Using a water level

For simple projects, all you really need is plastic tubing and a bucket of clean water

Using a Builder’s Level
Video: Using a Builder’s LevelOnline Membership Required

Find the high spots by comparing measurements taken at different points along the foundation

Using a Water Level
Video: Using a Water LevelOnline Membership Required

All you really need is a length of plastic tubing and a bucket of water

The line winder
Tip: The line winder

The Lowdown on LevelsOnline Membership Required

It may be the age of lasers and electronics, but a sturdy spirit level is still the job-site standard

Lasers on the Job SiteOnline Membership Required

Are these electronic stringlines useful tools or high-priced gimmicks?

Tip: Water-level clamps

Water-level valve
Tip: Water-level valve

Viewing 1 - 15 of 26 results