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Lights and Power Cables

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Lights and Power Cables Product Finder
Extension-Cord Garage Video: Extension-Cord Garage Online Membership Required

Store cords neatly and transport them easily

Mud-Bucket Power Station
Video: Mud-Bucket Power StationOnline Membership Required

Keeping your power source protected and visible is paramount, and this tip gives you a simple way to do it

Extension-cord management
Tip: Extension-cord management

A safer work light
Tip: A safer work light

Extension-Cord BasicsOnline Membership Required

Wire size, jacket materials and voltage drop are important, often-ignored features of these ubiquitous job-site umbilicals

Outlet/work-light combo
Tip: Outlet/work-light combo

Tip: Power-cord substitutions

Securing extension cords
Tip: Securing extension cords

The crab light
Tip: The crab light

Mud-bucket power station
Tip: Mud-bucket power station

Power-cord straps
Tip: Power-cord straps

New life for old hose
Tip: New life for old hose

Storage reel
Tip: Storage reel

The cobra light
Tip: The cobra light

Viewing 1 - 15 of 19 results