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Other Hand Tools

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Other Hand Tools Product Finder
The Indispensable Digital Multimeter The Indispensable Digital Multimeter

This tool is a must-have when it comes to electrical troubleshooting

Torture Test: Paint Strippers
Torture Test: Paint StrippersOnline Membership Required

Safer products get the job done, but unfortunately, the fastest are the most toxic

What's the Difference: Toilet Plungers
What's the Difference: Toilet Plungers

Standard, ribbed, and bellows

An Electrical Tool Kit
An Electrical Tool KitOnline Membership Required

A professional electrician shares the tools and materials he relies on for the most common wiring tasks

Chisel that's good to go
Chisel that's good to go

FastCap's new pocket chisel features a two-part handle that folds around the blade, keeping it sharp

Push-fit plumbing
Push-fit plumbingOnline Membership Required

SharkBite push fittings

What's the Best Multibit Screwdriver?

The $80 one, of course, but you can do pretty well for $10

What's the Difference: Phillips-head screwdriver bits

Choosing the right bit helps prevent stripping screws

Old woodworking files reappear
Old woodworking files reappearOnline Membership Required

8-in. Milled-tooth float files

Do-it-all trowelOnline Membership Required

Magic trowel

Slap-cap staplerOnline Membership Required

Stinger CH38 cap hammer

Make Your Own Sanding Block
Video: Make Your Own Sanding Block

You can go to the hardware store and buy a sanding block, but better yet, you can make your own with materials you already have

Mud-Bucket Power Station
Video: Mud-Bucket Power StationOnline Membership Required

Keeping your power source protected and visible is paramount, and this tip gives you a simple way to do it

Viewing 1 - 15 of 107 results