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Bases and Stands

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T4B Miter-Saw Stand Bosch - T4B Miter-Saw StandThis miter-saw stand from Bosch is easy to set up, and its medium-diameter pneumatic wheels make pulling it over rough terrain and up stairs easy
(1 user review)
36-136 Miter-Saw Stand Delta - 36-136 Miter-Saw StandThis miter-saw stand by Delta sets up quickly and can be stored with the saw mounted
(1 user review)
DW723 Miter-Saw Stand DeWalt - DW723 Miter-Saw StandDeWalt's retooled DW723 miter-saw stand now comes equipped with roller suports for the outfeed arms
(1 user review)
AC 9941 Miter-Saw Stand Ridgid - AC 9941 Miter-Saw StandRidgid's miter-saw stand features a quick-release saw mount and extension arms that reach out to nearly 10 ft.
(4 user reviews)
A18MS01 Miter-Saw Stand Ryobi - A18MS01 Miter-Saw StandThis miter-saw stand from Ryobi is compact and stable, and it has quick-release locks with large handles that are easy to grab
(3 user reviews)
U88 Miter-Saw Stand Sawhelper - U88 Miter-Saw StandThe Sawhelper Ultrafence's aluminum extrusions provide continuous work support and an integral fence designed to hold a self-adhering tape measure and adjustable flip stops
(2 user reviews)
TWC-35 Miter-Saw Stand Trojan - TWC-35 Miter-Saw StandThis Trojan miter-saw stand includes two sawhorse legs that lock onto a 2x "rail" that the user supplies, a U-channel that clamps to the rail, and two outfeed rollers
$200.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 results