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Circular Saws

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DW364 Circular Saw DeWalt - DW364 Circular SawUnique to this circular saw from DeWalt is a rear ball hinge, which allows the front, rather than the back, of the aluminum plate to drop
$140.00 Write a Review
DW368 Circular Saw DeWalt - DW368 Circular SawA good performer with excellent sightlines, this circular saw from DeWalt features a great bevel detent system
$119.00 Write a Review
DW359 Circular Saw DeWalt - DW359 Circular SawThis circular saw from DeWalt is powerful and easy to use, especially for people with big hands who like big handles
$140.00 Write a Review
TS 55 REQ Track Saw Festool - TS 55 REQ Track SawUpdates include a plunge mechanism that is now microadjustable, a stick-on imperial scale, and bevel capacity increased from 45° to 47°
(1 user review)
WSC7.25-S Circular Saw Hilti - WSC7.25-S Circular SawHiliti’s saw shares some parts and looks similar to the Makita, but it’s made to separate specs and has some unique components too
$159.00 Write a Review
C18DSLP4 Circular Saw Hitachi - C18DSLP4 Circular SawLight, comes with rip fence
$130.00 Write a Review
C7BMR Circular Saw Hitachi - C7BMR Circular SawHitachi's C7BMR circular saw shows little defelction during heavy use
$120.00 Write a Review
C7SB2 Circular Saw Hitachi - C7SB2 Circular SawThis circular saw from Hitachi has a stable baseplate and excellent lines of sight
(1 user review)
C7SB Circular Saw Hitachi - C7SB Circular SawThis circular saw from Hitachi is light and compact, making it a good tool for small hands and tight spaces
(1 user review)
XSS01 Circular Saw Makita - XSS01 Circular SawMiddle-of-the-pack tool
$340.00 Write a Review
5007MGA Circular Saw Makita - 5007MGA Circular SawMakita's 5007MGA circular saw has rubber-covered everything for comfort as well as a dual LED headlight to illuminate the cutline
(1 user review)
5402NA Circular Saw Makita - 5402NA Circular SawThe Makita 5402NA Circular Saw is a big saw with an electric brake for timber framers
$650.00 Write a Review
5377MG Circular Saw Makita - 5377MG Circular SawThis quiet and comfortable worm-drive saw from Makita is more suited to finish carpentry than framing
(3 user reviews)
5007FAK Circular Saw Makita - 5007FAK Circular SawThis circular saw from Makita has a switch-activated LED light that illuminates the cutline
(2 user reviews)
5007NHK Circular Saw Makita - 5007NHK Circular SawThe depth- and bevel-setting levers on this circular saw from Makita are easy to use, and the saw offers good gloved-hand trigger access
$135.00 Write a Review
Viewing 16 - 30 of 55 results