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Circular Saws

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5007NLK Circular Saw Makita - 5007NLK Circular SawThis left-handed circular saw from Makita is light in weight but has plenty of power
$170.00 Write a Review
5037NBK Circular Saw Makita - 5037NBK Circular SawBevel markings on this circular saw from Makita are in 1-degree increments
(1 user review)
M18 2630-22 Circular Saw Milwaukee - M18 2630-22 Circular SawHeavy tool
$350.00 Write a Review
M18 Fuel 2730-22 Circular Saw Milwaukee - M18 Fuel 2730-22 Circular SawBrushless motor Editor Choice-Best Overall
$399.00 Write a Review
6394-21 Circular Saw Milwaukee - 6394-21 Circular SawThis circular saw from Milwaukee features a rear handle that can be rotated into eight positions
(1 user review)
6377-6 Circular Saw Milwaukee - 6377-6 Circular SawThis worm-drive saw from Milwaukee is big, heavy, and powerful
(1 user review)
0730-20 V28 Cordless Circular Saw Milwaukee - 0730-20 V28 Cordless Circular SawThis cordless 6-1/2-in. circular saw from Milwaukee comes at a hefty price, but it provides convenience and power
(1 user review)
6390-21 Circular Saw Milwaukee - 6390-21 Circular SawThe handle on this circular saw from Milwaukee can be positioned behind the blade, above the blade, or anywhere in between Editor Choice-Best Overall
(2 user reviews)
6390 Circular Saw Milwaukee - 6390 Circular SawThis circular saw from Milwaukee is a fast and accurate tool with a handle that has an adjustable angle
$140.00 Write a Review
PCC660B Circular Saw Porter-Cable - PCC660B Circular SawLight little saw
$60.00 Write a Review
PC15TCSMK Circular Saw Porter-Cable - PC15TCSMK Circular SawPorter-Cable's PC15TCSMK features smooth guard operation and its blade visibility is good
$110.00 Write a Review
324 MAG Circular Saw Porter-Cable - 324 MAG Circular SawThis well-balanced circular saw from Porter-Cable has a unique dust control system with an adjustable port
(4 user reviews)
347 Circular Saw Porter-Cable - 347 Circular SawThis well-built circular saw from Porter-Cable has no fancy features, but it does have a strong and flat baseplate
(1 user review)
X4 R8651B Circular Saw Ridgid - X4 R8651B Circular SawGood design features
$99.00 Write a Review
R32021 Circular Saw Ridgid - R32021 Circular SawRidgid’s R32021 sidewinder saw features engraved numbers at every degree and beveling beyond 45° is done with the push of a button Editor Choice-Best Value
(1 user review)
Viewing 31 - 45 of 55 results