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Dust Collection

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3931A-PBH Vacuum Bosch - 3931A-PBH VacuumSquat, stable, and sturdy
$600.00 Write a Review
3931A Shop Vacuum Bosch - 3931A Shop VacuumThe Bosch 3931A shop vacuum features a tool-triggered start mechanism and a 13-gallon capacity
(1 user review)
Pulse-Bac PB-550H Shop Vac CDCLarue - Pulse-Bac PB-550H Shop VacVac-Test Follow-Up
$1000.00 Write a Review
DWV012 Vacuum DeWalt - DWV012 VacuumBuilt for portability and ease of use
$500.00 Write a Review
Turbo II (9-20-25) Vacuum Fein - Turbo II (9-20-25) VacuumQuiet, small vacuum
$560.00 Write a Review
Turbo II Shop Vacuum Fein - Turbo II Shop VacuumThis 9-gallon shop vacuum from Fein is compact, easy to move around, and extremely durable in design and construction Editor Choice-Best Value
(5 user reviews)
CT-36 Vacuum Festool - CT-36 VacuumHigh quality and functionality
$645.00 Write a Review
Cleantec (CT) 33 Shop Vacuum Festool - Cleantec (CT) 33 Shop VacuumFestool's 10-gallon shop vacuum features an antistatic hose and a separate water container for wet pickup Editor Choice-Best Overall
(1 user review)
VC4710 Vacuum Makita - VC4710 VacuumTop performer Editor Choice-Best Overall
$530.00 Write a Review
8936-20 Vacuum Milwaukee - 8936-20 VacuumHas a powerful rear exhaust, but it forces the air in two directions rather than one
$285.00 Write a Review
8936-20 Shop Vacuum Milwaukee - 8936-20 Shop VacuumMilwaukee's 7.5-gallon shop vacuum features a tool-triggered start mechanism
$275.00 Write a Review
Attix 12 RDFD XC Shop Vacuum Nilfisk-ALTO - Attix 12 RDFD XC Shop VacuumThis shop vacuum from Nilfisk-ALTO is a well-designed, easy-to-use workhorse with a soft-start motor and a self-cleaning filter
$825.00 Write a Review
7812 Shop Vacuum Porter-Cable - 7812 Shop VacuumPorter-Cable's 10-gallon shop vacuum has a useful combination of size and features, including a tool-triggered start mechanism
$270.00 Write a Review
WD1450 Vacuum Ridgid - WD1450 VacuumBest Value Editor Choice-Best Value
$125.00 Write a Review
Pro Pack Shop Vacuum Ridgid - Pro Pack Shop VacuumThe small size and boxlike shape of this shop vacuum from Ridgid make it easily portable, while its 5.0-peak-hp motor makes it more powerful than some units twice its size
(1 user review)
Viewing 1 - 15 of 18 results