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2035101 Box-Beam Level Irwin Industrial Tool - 2035101 Box-Beam LevelIrwin's new line of box-beam levels include some innovative features and accessories
$45.00 Write a Review
R-Beam Level Stabila - R-Beam LevelThe R-Beam levels take their name from the resemblance of their cross section to the letter R
$79.99 Write a Review
Type 196-2 Level Stabila - Type 196-2 LevelStabila's 196-series levels are guaranteed to be level within 0.029 degrees in any direction
(1 user review)
36424 Mason's Level Stabila - 36424 Mason's LevelThis level is built with a plastic shock absorber in the top that's specifically designed to be tapped
$75.00 Write a Review
ComPac 4' Adjustable Level StraightWay Tools - ComPac 4' Adjustable LevelThe ComPac 4' is a sturdy telescoping level that can fit in a 2-ft. toolbox
(2 user reviews)
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