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Marking Tools

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Proline Chalk Reel PL30100 Chalkline Blackline Mfg. & Mkt Ltd. - Proline Chalk Reel PL30100 ChalklineThis chalkline from Blackline has 100 ft. of 1-mil braided poly-cotton line that is six times stronger than the standard cotton found in many cheaper chalkline boxes
$20.00 Write a Review
Pro 150 Chalkline C.H. Hanson - Pro 150 ChalklineThis chalkline from C.H. Hanson comes with a 150-ft.-long heavy braided line
$20.00 Write a Review
Strait-Line Dust-Off Chalk Irwin Industrial Tool - Strait-Line Dust-Off ChalkThis light-violet chalk forms clean, crisp lines yet wipes clean with the single swipe of a rag
$1.50 Write a Review
Strait-Line SL6X Chalkline Irwin Industrial Tool - Strait-Line SL6X ChalklineThis new Irwin chalkline, an improvement over the old Strait-Line box, has a fast-working rewind handle
(2 user reviews)
Little Giant G110 Chalkline Keson Tool Co. - Little Giant G110 ChalklineThis chalkline from Keson Tool has a rubber grommet that makes refilling easy
$25.00 Write a Review
Rocket Anchor Chalkline Holder Rocket Anchor - Rocket Anchor Chalkline HolderThe Rocket Anchor is designed to capture the metal clip at the end of a chalkline
$13.00 Write a Review
HL-100 Laser Hole Locator Stabila - HL-100 Laser Hole LocatorStabila's laser hole locator makes quick, easy work of locating holes for plumbing and electrical rough-in
$200.00 Write a Review
Chalk-Rite CR202B Chalkline Tajima - Chalk-Rite CR202B ChalklineThis well-built chalkline from Tajima has 100 ft. of tightly braided nylon-poly line that leaves a crisp mark
(4 user reviews)
Ink-Rite IR101S Chalkline Tajima - Ink-Rite IR101S ChalklineRather than using chalk, this tool from Tajima uses quick-drying ink to leave a thin, precise mark
$20.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 9 of 9 results