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Measuring and Marking Tools

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Aline-Set Aline-Set - Aline-SetAline-Sets are great gauge blocks for any straightening and aligning process that involves stretching a string.
(1 user review)
Proline Chalk Reel PL30100 Chalkline Blackline Mfg. & Mkt Ltd. - Proline Chalk Reel PL30100 ChalklineThis chalkline from Blackline has 100 ft. of 1-mil braided poly-cotton line that is six times stronger than the standard cotton found in many cheaper chalkline boxes
$20.00 Write a Review
GLM 15 Laser Measuring Device Bosch - GLM 15 Laser Measuring DeviceCompact size and low price
$50.00 Write a Review
Bosch GLL2-80 360° Line Laser Bosch - Bosch GLL2-80 360° Line LaserAn affordable laser that covers 360°
$340.00 Write a Review
DLR165 Laser Measure Bosch - DLR165 Laser MeasureThe Bosch DLR165 has the basic functionality needed from a laser measure but lacks many of the useful features of others in its class
(2 user reviews)
DWM40L Angle Finder Digital Protractor Bosch - DWM40L Angle Finder Digital ProtractorUsing the miter and bevel angles generated by the DWM40L Angle Finder, crown molding joints can be cut to fit perfectly every time
(1 user review)
Trim Gauge Scribing Gauge Brumley Tools - Trim Gauge Scribing GaugeThis small, adjustable scribing gauge is used to set or scribe depths up to 3 in.
(2 user reviews)
Pro 150 Chalkline C.H. Hanson - Pro 150 ChalklineThis chalkline from C.H. Hanson comes with a 150-ft.-long heavy braided line
$20.00 Write a Review
PS3425 Lufkin Pro Series Tape Measure Cooper Hand Tools - PS3425 Lufkin Pro Series Tape MeasureThe Lufkin Pro Series tape measure has a toggle-locking mechanism and includes both English and metric scales
(1 user review)
AccuTrac Laser Measure Craftsman - AccuTrac Laser MeasureThe Craftsman AccuTrac laser measure is a user-friendly tool with the basic functions needed
$119.00 Write a Review
LT-160 Laser Measure CST/Berger - LT-160 Laser MeasureThe economically-priced CST/Berger LT-160 laser measure is compact with intuitive controls though it doesn't have the range of some others in its class, it is useful for normal carpentry Editor Choice-Best Value
$195.00 Write a Review
78-R258 Pro Series Tape Measure CST/Berger - 78-R258 Pro Series Tape MeasureThe CST/Berger Pro Series tape measure extends and retracts very smoothly
$8.00 Write a Review
FlatBack Tape Measure FastCap - FlatBack Tape MeasureFastCap's FlatBack tape measure is designed specifically for taking precise measurements on curved walls and laying out multiple cuts on a sheet of plywood
$7.95 Write a Review
TG165 Spot Thermometer FLIR - TG165 Spot Thermometer IR spot thermometer with a screen display
$0.00 Write a Review
PD 40 Laser Measure Hilti - PD 40 Laser MeasureThe Hilti PD 40 laser measure is a long-range measuring tool with basic features, a lifetime warranty and a special cumulative-distance function that automatically adds each measurement to the last
$329.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 15 of 35 results