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Other Hand Tools

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Cornering Tool Lee Valley - Cornering ToolLee Valley's cornering tool is more accurate than sandpaper and quicker than setting up a roundover bit in a router
$15.00 Write a Review
Speed Slot Hole Saw Lenox - Speed Slot Hole SawThe Speed Slot hole saws from Lenox are available in 52 sizes, from 9⁄16 in. dia. to 6 in. dia., and in a variety of kits for general use and for plumbers and electricians specifically
(1 user review)
60-1/2 Block Plane Lie-Nielsen - 60-1/2 Block PlaneThe body of this Lie-Nielsen 60-1/2 block plane is ground flat and square to a tolerance of less than .001 in. and features a moveable shoe for precise and easy control over the mouth opening. The bronze cap iron is tensioned with a 1 1/2 in. brass spinwheel. Blade on the Low Angle tool is bedded at 12°, the Standard Angle at 20°. Blades are ground with a 25° flat bevel.
$150.00 Write a Review
Bionic Wrench LoggerHead Tools - Bionic WrenchThe Bionic Wrench is an adjustable wrench with an ingenious design
$29.00 Write a Review
Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit Screwdriver Megapro - Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit ScrewdriverWith a total of 10 bit types and a shaft that serves as a 1/4-in. nut driver, the Megapro is a versatile multibit screwdriver
$35.00 Write a Review
Stinger CH38 Cap Hammer National Nail - Stinger CH38 Cap HammerThe Stinger is similar to common hammer-tacker staplers, but with the significant addition of a plastic-cap delivery system
$50.00 Write a Review
Figure 9 Rope Tightener Nite Ize - Figure 9 Rope TightenerNite Ize has manufactured a handy accessory in three sizes to tighten ropes effectively using a loop or fixed-end configuration
$7.00 Write a Review
Roof Snake PacTool International - Roof SnakeHolds the roofing nail in a pair of slots
$25.00 Write a Review
X-7 Multibit Screwdriver Picquic - X-7 Multibit ScrewdriverThis multibit screwdriver from Picquic has 3-in.-long bits instead of the 1-in. bits found on most other drivers
(1 user review)
PlugGrip Electrical Tool PlugGrip Products - PlugGrip Electrical ToolThe PlugGrip puts a handle on an electrical receptacle
$10.00 Write a Review
Chisel Rali Shark - ChiselOffers sawblade and scraper-blade attachments
$110.00 Write a Review
5-Position Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Multibit Screwdriver Snap-on - 5-Position Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Multibit ScrewdriverThis screwdriver from Snap-on earns its keep in a builder's tool bag because of its articulating handle Editor Choice-Best Overall
$80.00 Write a Review
12-101 Block Plane Stanley - 12-101 Block PlaneThe Stanley 12-101 is a small, lightweight plane that works suprisingly well and is perfect for the kinds of jobs you don't want your expensive planes to risk
(2 user reviews)
12-920 Bailey Block Plane Stanley - 12-920 Bailey Block PlaneThe Stanley 12-920 Bailey block plane has a fully adjustable cutter that rests at 21° and adjusts to 13 1/2°. It has a quick-release cam-lock that makes iron removal easy and with finger grips machined in the side, it's a comfortable tool in your hand.
$40.00 Write a Review
TICLW12 Clawbar with Dimpler Nail Puller Stiletto Tools - TICLW12 Clawbar with Dimpler Nail PullerWhat sets the Clawbar with Dimpler apart from other cat's paws is its "dimpler" cylinder, designed to extract nails that are flush or slightly below the surface
(3 user reviews)
Viewing 16 - 30 of 35 results