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Other Hand Tools

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2051100 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Multibit Screwdriver Irwin Industrial Tool - 2051100 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Multibit ScrewdriverThere is so little play between the mating parts of this multibit screwdriver that it feels more like a conventional screwdriver than a modular one
$13.00 Write a Review
The Extractor Extracting Pliers Jefferson Tool - The Extractor Extracting PliersWith only about 1/8 in. of exposed nail needed to get a good grip, the Extractor can remove nails without marring the surface of the wood
(1 user review)
KLE11055 Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper Klein Tools - KLE11055 Klein-Kurve Wire StripperThe Klein-Kurve Wire Stripper features jaws that are gauged to strip five different wire sizes and has curved double-dipped handles and easy to read markings on both sides for comfort and conveniences
(1 user review)
Deck Wedge Krankertools - Deck WedgeHelp persuade bowed deck boards into alignment
$30.00 Write a Review
High-Tech Chisel Roll Lee Valley - High-Tech Chisel RollCombines polyester and Kevlar into a single piece of fabric
$49.00 Write a Review
Cornering Tool Lee Valley - Cornering ToolLee Valley's cornering tool is more accurate than sandpaper and quicker than setting up a roundover bit in a router
$15.00 Write a Review
Speed Slot Hole Saw Lenox - Speed Slot Hole SawThe Speed Slot hole saws from Lenox are available in 52 sizes, from 9⁄16 in. dia. to 6 in. dia., and in a variety of kits for general use and for plumbers and electricians specifically
(1 user review)
60-1/2 Block Plane Lie-Nielsen - 60-1/2 Block PlaneThe body of this Lie-Nielsen 60-1/2 block plane is ground flat and square to a tolerance of less than .001 in. and features a moveable shoe for precise and easy control over the mouth opening. The bronze cap iron is tensioned with a 1 1/2 in. brass spinwheel. Blade on the Low Angle tool is bedded at 12°, the Standard Angle at 20°. Blades are ground with a 25° flat bevel.
$150.00 Write a Review
Bionic Wrench LoggerHead Tools - Bionic WrenchThe Bionic Wrench is an adjustable wrench with an ingenious design
$29.00 Write a Review
Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit Screwdriver Megapro - Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit ScrewdriverWith a total of 10 bit types and a shaft that serves as a 1/4-in. nut driver, the Megapro is a versatile multibit screwdriver
$35.00 Write a Review
Hammer Tacker Milwaukee - Hammer TackerAn all-metal hammer tacker
$40.00 Write a Review
Stinger CH38 Cap Hammer National Nail - Stinger CH38 Cap HammerThe Stinger is similar to common hammer-tacker staplers, but with the significant addition of a plastic-cap delivery system
$50.00 Write a Review
Figure 9 Rope Tightener Nite Ize - Figure 9 Rope TightenerNite Ize has manufactured a handy accessory in three sizes to tighten ropes effectively using a loop or fixed-end configuration
$7.00 Write a Review
Roof Snake PacTool International - Roof SnakeHolds the roofing nail in a pair of slots
(1 user review)
X-7 Multibit Screwdriver Picquic - X-7 Multibit ScrewdriverThis multibit screwdriver from Picquic has 3-in.-long bits instead of the 1-in. bits found on most other drivers
(1 user review)
Viewing 16 - 30 of 41 results