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Other Hand Tools

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12-920 Bailey Block Plane Stanley - 12-920 Bailey Block PlaneThe Stanley 12-920 Bailey block plane has a fully adjustable cutter that rests at 21° and adjusts to 13 1/2°. It has a quick-release cam-lock that makes iron removal easy and with finger grips machined in the side, it's a comfortable tool in your hand.
$40.00 Write a Review
TICLW12 Clawbar with Dimpler Nail Puller Stiletto Tools - TICLW12 Clawbar with Dimpler Nail PullerWhat sets the Clawbar with Dimpler apart from other cat's paws is its "dimpler" cylinder, designed to extract nails that are flush or slightly below the surface
(3 user reviews)
Convoy Super Caulking Gun Tajima - Convoy Super Caulking GunWith its longer barrel, cast-aluminum handle with comfortable plastic grip, automatic flow control, and a 4 1/2 in.-long puncture tool
(1 user review)
Magic Trowel Drywall Trowel TexMaster Tools - Magic Trowel Drywall TrowelThe Magic Trowel looks like a squeegee, but it acts like the ultimate finishing knife
$30.00 Write a Review
PV-20 Wall Puller Framing Tool Trojan - PV-20 Wall Puller Framing ToolWith the Wall Puller, framers can easily adjust the bottom plate of a wall so that it meets the layout line on the subfloor
$16.00 Write a Review
Clamp N Cut Drywall Scoring Device Tunza Tools - Clamp N Cut Drywall Scoring DeviceWhen attached to a 2-in. drywall T-square, this scoring device becomes a drywall-ripping machine
$13.95 Write a Review
Twisted Top TVM Building Products - Twisted TopTVM Building Products is selling an aftermarket twistable nozzle that works with any tube of caulk or sealant that accepts a threaded nozzle
$0.79 Write a Review
Viewing 31 - 37 of 37 results