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Other Hand Tools

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Autoloading Multi-Bit Screwdriver Multibit Screwdriver Craftsman - Autoloading Multi-Bit Screwdriver Multibit ScrewdriverChanging bits on this multibit screwdriver from Craftsman is simple, fast, and reliable
$20.00 Write a Review
Bit-Boy 373 Multibit Screwdriver Felo - Bit-Boy 373 Multibit ScrewdriverThe magnetic shank on this multibit screwdriver from Felo is removable and fits conveniently in a drill chuck
$16.00 Write a Review
35-908 7-in-1 Twist-a-Nut Multibit Screwdriver Ideal Industries - 35-908 7-in-1 Twist-a-Nut Multibit ScrewdriverThis screwdriver from Ideal Industries holds a pair of double-ended bits in a shaft that also serves as a double-ended nut driver
$11.00 Write a Review
2051100 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Multibit Screwdriver Irwin Industrial Tool - 2051100 9-in-1 Multi-Tool Multibit ScrewdriverThere is so little play between the mating parts of this multibit screwdriver that it feels more like a conventional screwdriver than a modular one
$13.00 Write a Review
Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit Screwdriver Megapro - Ratcheting Bit Driver Multibit ScrewdriverWith a total of 10 bit types and a shaft that serves as a 1/4-in. nut driver, the Megapro is a versatile multibit screwdriver
$35.00 Write a Review
X-7 Multibit Screwdriver Picquic - X-7 Multibit ScrewdriverThis multibit screwdriver from Picquic has 3-in.-long bits instead of the 1-in. bits found on most other drivers
(1 user review)
5-Position Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Multibit Screwdriver Snap-on - 5-Position Handle Ratcheting Screwdriver Multibit ScrewdriverThis screwdriver from Snap-on earns its keep in a builder's tool bag because of its articulating handle Editor Choice-Best Overall
$80.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 7 of 7 results