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Compound Miter Saws

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CM12SD Sliding Miter Saw Bosch - CM12SD Sliding Miter Saw
$550.00 Write a Review
CM12 Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - CM12 Compound-Miter SawPerfect cuts right out of the box Editor Choice-Best Overall
$330.00 Write a Review
5412L 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - 5412L 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter SawThe Bosch is packed with innovative features, but the standout is excellent up-front controls for both bevels and miters
$590.00 Write a Review
3912 Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - 3912 Compound-Miter SawThis no-frills compound-miter saw from Bosch has a simple-to-use miter-detent override
$270.00 Write a Review
4212 Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - 4212 Compound-Miter SawAll the controls on this 12-in. compound-miter saw from Bosch are conveniently located on the front of the saw Editor Choice-Best Overall
$350.00 Write a Review
4412 Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - 4412 Compound-Miter SawWith the exception of carrying it, everything about this sliding compound-miter saw is a joy
(3 user reviews)
GCM12SD Sliding Compound-Miter Saw Bosch - GCM12SD Sliding Compound-Miter SawThis Bosch slider doesn't have tubes
$800.00 Write a Review
937564 Compound-Miter Saw Craftsman - 937564 Compound-Miter SawPoor ergonomics
$300.00 Write a Review
21206 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter Saw Craftsman - 21206 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter SawThe Craftsman is relatively quiet and powerful, and it has a large, easily readable miter scale
$500.00 Write a Review
351.212240 Compound-Miter Saw Craftsman - 351.212240 Compound-Miter SawWith two trim blades included in the price, this compound-miter saw from Craftsman is a top value
$270.00 Write a Review
36-255L Compound-Miter Saw Delta - 36-255L Compound-Miter SawThis compound-miter saw from Delta features dual adjustable lasers mounted on the blade housing that mark both sides of the kerf
$350.00 Write a Review
36-412 Compound-Miter Saw Delta - 36-412 Compound-Miter SawThis compound-miter saw from Delta has a large cutting capacity and flip-up stops that hold crown molding in position against the fence
(1 user review)
DW716 Compound-Miter Saw DeWalt - DW716 Compound-Miter SawSolid and quiet
$350.00 Write a Review
DW718 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter Saw DeWalt - DW718 12-in. Sliding Compound-Miter SawThis saw is lightweight, compact, and an excellent choice for those who install a lot of tall baseboard and large crown molding
(1 user review)
705 Compound-Miter Saw DeWalt - 705 Compound-Miter SawThis compound-miter saw from DeWalt comes with a 60-tooth carbide blade
$300.00 Write a Review
Viewing 1 - 15 of 30 results