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A Tiny Addition for a Growing Family

Dining, living, office, laundry, bathing, sleeping, and storage space built in just 650 sq. ft.

Architect Tina Govan needed to design an addition for her cozy Raleigh, N.C., home. By employing strategies and concepts she learned about while working in Japan, Govan was able to add space for a dining area, a living area, a home office, a laundry area, a bathroom, a bedroom, and storage room in only 650 sq. ft. The key to achieving this success was rooted in the idea of having spaces serve multiple purposes. With custom-made shoji screens, the master bedroom, for instance, is a private area by night but opens up to be a public space during the day. Windows and long sightlines keep the addition connected to the outdoors. 

A Tiny Addition for a Growing Family
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