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A Green Oasis in a Hot, Dry Climate

Defined by a mosaic of indoor and outdoor spaces, a new house tames the sun and adapts a traditional Southwest style for an established neighborhood

The neighborhood might have been built up with faux Tuscan villas, but that wasn't going to stop author/architects Murray Silverstein and Barbara Winslow from fulfilling their clients' dream of a territorial-style home. Traditionally, this style calls for a one-room-deep floor plan wrapped around an interior courtyard. In this case, the authors adapted the style to their clients' needs and to the climate. The result is a mosaic of indoor and outdoor zones joined by covered walkways. Cooling was an important consideration, too, and this house features deep roof overhangs, cross ventilation, and concrete-slab floors that moderate indoor temperatures on blazing summer days.

A Green Oasis in a Hot, Dry Climate
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