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A Three-Quarter Bath in Half the Space

A small bath makes the most of its 25-sq.-ft. footprint

After buying a 1911 Craftsman house in Northfield, Minn., architect Steve Wilmot and his family had some work to do. In addition to remodeling the upstairs bathroom, they also wanted to create a bathroom in a first-floor closet under the stairs that had a toilet but nothing else. After studying the 3-ft. by 8-ft. space and making some preliminary drawings, Wilmot realized that the space was just big enough for him to install a toilet, a sink, and a shower. In order to accomplish such a feat, however, he had to move the toilet and the door. The new door was positioned directly across the sink location, so Wilmot had to choose a sink small enough for clearance. He was able to find one at a garage sale.

A Three-Quarter Bath in Half the Space

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