Copyright (c) 2015 en-us Fine Homebuilding - "Green-building" tag posts Fine Homebuilding - "Green-building" tag posts Tue, 28 Jul 2015 23:25:28 -0500 Fine Homebuilding - "Green-building" tag posts Fine Homebuilding - "Green-building" tag posts <![CDATA[AIHA Formaldehyde Technical Guide and Consumer Fact Sheet]]> Mon, 20 Jul 2015 15:23:31 -0500 AIHA Formaldehyde Technical Guide and Consumer Fact Sheet Posted by Matt_Higgins
The American Industrial Hygiene Association (AIHA) has released two new educational materials focused on formaldehyde, specifically formaldehyde emissions from laminate flooring. "Laminate Flooring... ]]>
<![CDATA[Small footprint- Big view]]> Tue, 07 Jul 2015 10:24:53 -0500 Small footprint- Big view Posted by KenGutmaker
A small lot size made for some creative solutions. ]]>
<![CDATA[EcoVilliage Pioneers Net-Zero Housing]]> Thu, 02 Jul 2015 10:12:20 -0500 EcoVilliage Pioneers Net-Zero Housing Posted by boycethompson
Leaders of the co-op community in Ithaca, N.Y., took a common sense approach to meeting demanding Passive House standards ]]>
<![CDATA[Keeping Your Heating Cheap and Green]]> Sun, 28 Jun 2015 17:09:52 -0500 Keeping Your Heating Cheap and Green Posted by Olivia_Still
Eco-friendly heating for the environmentally conscious Energy bills might be too high considering the costs nowadays, and in order to reduce it considerably, it will be important that you turn... ]]>
<![CDATA[Daltile Sponsors Sunset Green Home Project]]> Thu, 25 Jun 2015 15:41:44 -0500 Daltile Sponsors Sunset Green Home Project Posted by Matt_Higgins
The Sunset Green Home is a project that is not only rebuilding a home essentially destroyed by Hurricane Sandy in 2012 but is doing so with LEED Platinum credentials. Making a 70-year-old home meet... ]]>
<![CDATA[Straw-Bale Bedroom]]> Mon, 22 Jun 2015 20:49:19 -0500 Straw-Bale Bedroom Posted by KenGutmaker
A storage wall in a straw bale house. ]]>
<![CDATA[Outdoor entertaining]]> Tue, 05 May 2015 11:11:27 -0500 Outdoor entertaining Posted by KenGutmaker
A Modern renovation creates an elegant courtyard for entertaining. ]]>
<![CDATA[DIY Greenhouse Watering System]]> Fri, 17 Apr 2015 22:48:19 -0500 DIY Greenhouse Watering System Posted by homeofsally
Greenhouses are a great way to enjoy the fruits of harvest all year long. Not only that, but they dramatically improve the conditions needed to grow plants while keeping them protected from the... ]]>
<![CDATA[Tips and Tricks for Planning the Modern Home Office of Your Dreams]]> Thu, 16 Apr 2015 21:52:23 -0500 Tips and Tricks for Planning the Modern Home Office of Your Dreams Posted by homeofsally
Whether you want to covert that spare bedroom or you're considering renovating the garden shed, having a home office can save you a ton of money and time over renting traditional office space. If you... ]]>
<![CDATA[A Cool kitchen in a Hot market. New construction in San Francisco.]]> Tue, 14 Apr 2015 09:33:45 -0500 A Cool kitchen in a Hot market. New construction in San Francisco. Posted by KenGutmaker
What does new construction look like in one of the countries hottest real estate markets? ]]>
<![CDATA[Do You Reuse?]]> Thu, 09 Apr 2015 15:48:19 -0500 Do You Reuse? Posted by Matt_Higgins
We've all heard of reduce, reuse, recycle, but when doing demolition for a remodel, the methods must be modified if there is going to be a focus on resuing materials in the future. In the article... ]]>
<![CDATA[A special courtyard- with a specific purpose.]]> Mon, 06 Apr 2015 11:42:02 -0500 A special courtyard- with a specific purpose. Posted by KenGutmaker
A nurturing space was created for visually impaired students and their guide dogs. ]]>
<![CDATA[Going Green with Your Appliances]]> Wed, 01 Apr 2015 03:08:10 -0500 Going Green with Your Appliances Posted by Smith009
With significant increases in both environmental awareness and fuel bills over the recent years, there's been much written about the changes we can make to our homes and habits to save money and... ]]>
<![CDATA[How to Convert a Generator to Bio Diesel]]> Tue, 31 Mar 2015 04:38:31 -0500 How to Convert a Generator to Bio Diesel Posted by homeofsally
  If you are interested in learning how to convert a diesel generator to biodiesel, the good news is that diesel engines are already designed with the ability to accept fuels that are biodiesel... ]]>
<![CDATA[Small Home, Big Green Features]]> Tue, 10 Mar 2015 09:37:29 -0500 Small Home, Big Green Features Posted by CharlotteREPhotos
Small Home, Big Green Features This beautiful new home in Troutman, NC packs a punch in just 2,500 square feet. The homeowners hired custom homebuilder 4G Design Build to build a home that included... ]]>
<![CDATA[Self-Taught MBA: Steve Mouzon on the New Business of Business]]> Wed, 04 Mar 2015 14:10:00 -0500 Self-Taught MBA: Steve Mouzon on the New Business of Business Posted by FPR
I spoke with Steve Mouzon, author of The Original Green, and now, New Media for Designers and Builders to ask him, “What’s different about the new builder’s business plan from the building business as usual?” His answer will surprise you. ]]>
<![CDATA[The Counterintuitive Cladding]]> Thu, 26 Feb 2015 12:28:04 -0500 The Counterintuitive Cladding Posted by FPR
Like it or not, vinyl siding is an environmental option. ]]>
<![CDATA[Lets See Those Grand Designs]]> Fri, 23 Jan 2015 01:04:53 -0500 Lets See Those Grand Designs Posted by juliawriter
If you've got big plans for a new property, you're not alone. According to figures published, people are literally spending thousands when they first purchase a new home. But what's the most... ]]>
<![CDATA[Open Concept]]> Thu, 22 Jan 2015 17:30:31 -0500 Open Concept Posted by Lincoln_Barbour
Concrete and steel used to open up this old house. ]]>
<![CDATA[Good Bones]]> Tue, 09 Dec 2014 08:00:00 -0500 Good Bones Posted by KenGutmaker
This renovated Ranch house gets a chance to shine. ]]>