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Build Like a Pro: Cutting Curves with a Circular Saw Video: Build Like a Pro: Cutting Curves with a Circular Saw Online Membership Required

Learn how to make curved, plunge, and drop cuts, as well as how to use the weight of a worm-drive saw to your advantage

Fuss-free door hanger's jig
Fuss-free door hanger's jigOnline Membership Required


Rolling scaffold storage
Tip: Rolling scaffold storage

Tip: Tablesaw-switch refinement

Testing Worm-Drive SawsOnline Membership Required

Still powerful and durable, the newest models have lost weight and gained some useful features

Versatile sink-installation tool
Versatile sink-installation toolOnline Membership Required

Ridgid introduces a new type of faucet wrench

What's the Best Multibit Screwdriver?

The $80 one, of course, but you can do pretty well for $10

What's the Difference: Phillips-head screwdriver bits

Choosing the right bit helps prevent stripping screws

A Knockdown Router TableOnline Membership Required

This interlocking design needs no fasteners and stores flat

Tip: Another hand for glass cutters

Belt Sanders Get BetterOnline Membership Required

The newest models offer improvements in comfort, convenience, and control

Build a Knockdown Router Table

A detailed, scalable parts drawing serves as the blueprint for your own router table

Flush cuts, with no bending necessaryOnline Membership Required

Flush-Cut adapter

Viewing 1 - 15 of 245 results