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A Complete Guide to Building Your Own Deck

Step by step guide with everything you'll need to take your deck from footings and framing to finish.

Decks add a significant amount of living space to a home. New choices in decking materials make this living space customizable to a greater degree than ever before. While deck building remains one of the easier and more rewarding outdoor projects, it’s crucial to adhere to codes and manufacturers’ recommendations to ensure a safe and long-lasting deck.

The deck described here is medium-sized, with two sets of stairs to easily access both sides of the yard. It is framed with pressure-treated lumber, and the decking, railing, and trim are synthetic products. A double border accents the deck’s perimeter. A ledger attaches the deck to the house on two sides; its weight is supported from below by two beams resting on posts centered on concrete piers.

A Complete Guide to Building Your Own Deck
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