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Deck-Fastener Options

How much time, trouble, and money does it take to install deck planks? It all depends on the fasteners you use.

The traditional hot-dipped galvanized nails used to fasten decks certainly aren't extinct, but they are beginning to get competition from modern screws, brackets, and plastic-based fasteners. This in-depth look includes big names -- EB-TY, Tiger Claw, Deckmaster, and TrapEase -- as well as the lesser known fasteners such as Shadoe Track, Ipe Clip Extreme, Deck-Tie, Dec-Klip, Invisi-Fast, Razorback, and more. You'll learn about the cost, quality, and corrosion resistance of the various options, as well as materials compatibility and a description of each fastener's pros and cons.

From Fine Homebuilding178 , pp. 78-82
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