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Flawless Drywall Finish

A final skim coat of compound creates a surface as smooth as plaster but at a lower cost

Myron R. Ferguson is our go-to guy when it comes to drywall installation, finish, and repair. In this article, Ferguson demonstrates how to produce a flawless Level 5 drywall finish that can stand up to the brightest light and glossiest paint. Starting with a Level 4 finish, use a pole sander to smooth all joints, corners, and fastener heads. With a soft push broom, wipe down the walls, and remove any errant blobs of joint compound. Next, thin out the mud, and then use a thick-nap roller to apply a layer of joint compound on the wall. Roll on just enough so that it won't dry before you have to scrape off the excess. This article includes a sidebar describing the six levels of board finishes as outlined by the Gypsum Association.

Flawless Drywall Finish

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