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A List of Air-Compressor Manufacturers

Browse the Web sites of air-compressor manufacturers to look for a model that suits your needs and budget

There are three different categories of hand-carry compressors, and over 45 models to choose from. So how do you begin the search? In the April/May issue of Fine Homebuilding (#178), I discuss the important characteristics to consider when purchasing a portable compressor and explain the differences between the three categories: hot dogs, pancakes, and twin-tanks.

There wasn't room in the article to list all the companies that manufacture compact compressors, but there is here. Check out the article; then you can home in on the models that best fit your tools, the type of work you do, and your budget.

Sources for compact air compressors

Campbell Hausfeld
Jenny Air Compressor
Christopher Ermides is an assistant editor. Photos: Scott Phillips
From Fine Homebuilding178 , pp. 48-53 April 1, 2006