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Sensible Plumbing

Careful planning and commonsense rough-in make a well-performing, safe, and easily maintained system. Guaranteed.

According to plumber Dave Yates, good plumbing isn't rocket science; it's applied science. He also says that it's possible to control costs and to do things right when plumbing a house. The start to sensible plumbing in a house is calculating peak-demand load (PDL), or the amount of water needed to accommodate the primary fixtures should they be used simultaneously. With an accurate PDL number, you'll be able to design a system that gets water to where it's needed, fast and hot. Other important parts of a well-designed plumbing system include a water heater that's the right size for the house, valves that work properly, good connections to waste lines, trouble-free venting, adequate insulation around pipes in open walls, sealing penetrations properly, and ensuring that scald-protection steps have been taken.

Sensible Plumbing
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