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Tubular Skylights Should Leak Only Sunlight

Mike Guertin demonstrates his step-by-step process for bringing the sun's rays into a dark hallway

If you're interested in how tubular skylights work, watch Mike Guertin's overview of the basics first.

Once you've got that under your belt, you're ready to watch Step 1 for instruction on how to locate the skylight's position and mark and cut the opening in the roof. In Step 2 you'll learn how Mike flashes the tubular skylight. The third and final step is connecting the tubing and marveling at the abundance of natural light that results from a mere two to four hours of work.

Click on the links for Mike's overview of how tubular skylights work and to watch his 3-step installation process:

 Overview   Tubular Skylight Basics  3:04
 Step 1   Locate the skylight's position; mark and cut the opening in the roof  4:00
 Step 2  Flash the skylight  4:20
 Step 3  Connect the tube  2:42
Photo by: Brian Pontolilo 
From Fine Homebuilding200
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