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A Wood Floor That Can Survive Anywhere

In a basement or on a slab, create a stable platform to support quality engineered-wood flooring

Creating extra living space in your house doesn't necessarily mean building an addition. Many basements are viable options for conversion to livable space. To make a subterranean room feel even more homey, you can install a wood floor-which isn't such a crazy idea if you use the method Charles Peterson outlines in this article. Peterson, a wood-flooring expert, recommends a system built in layers: first, the concrete slab; second, a layer of 15-mil polyethylene vapor retarder; third, two layers of 1/2-in. or 5/8-in. exposure-1 plywood; and finally, the finish flooring. This article includes a sidebar about choosing the best engineered flooring for a basement or slab project.

A Wood Floor That Can Survive Anywhere
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