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There's a Better Way: Customize Sawhorses for Easier Clamping

Make two little modifications that help hold workpieces better

Length: :48
Produced By: John Ross

John Michael Davis from New Orleans, Louisiana writes:

My work as a carpenter who specializes in repairing and replacing exterior trim means that I spend a lot of time fussing with long workpieces that have to be planed to fit. As shown in the drawing, I made some simple modifications to my sawhorses to make the planing go a little easier.

First, I cut the ends of the sawhorse crossbars to create little liplike ledges on their ends that are wide enough to support a piece of 1x stock on edge. And second, I bored 1-in. dia. holes in the sawhorse crossbars to accommodate the stationary jaw of a bar clamp.

To use, I simply rest the workpiece on the horse's lips, clamp the stock to the crossbars and plane away.

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July 14, 2010