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Factory-Framed Floors

Go inside a floor-panel factory and outside at a job-site installation

Length: 6:27
Produced By: Michael Dobsevage

With cameras rolling in Omaha, Nebraska, we visited Millard Lumber to learn how they build factory-framed floors. Then, we went onsite to the PATH Concept House and watched those floors go from truck to mudsill to second-story. Since factory framed flooring manufacturing and installation are pretty straightforward, we added some listening music courtesy of senior editor Charles Bickford.

To learn more about factory-framed floors, read Save Time with Factory-Framed Floors  from the August/September 2007 issue of Fine Homebuilding

Video by Building Media, Inc.; narrative by Rob Yagid; music by Charles Bickford, based on "Fast Fox Trot (Buck Rag)," written by Rev. Gary Davis and published by Chandos Music (used by permission); audio mix by John Ross; audio remix by Michael Dobsevage

From Fine Homebuilding189
September 1, 2007