From Roof to Road - Fine Homebuilding Video
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From Roof to Road

Follow shingles' journey from a roof through an asphalt-recycling facility

Length: 2:15
Produced By: Michael Dobsevage

Ken Ouellette is the father of asphalt-shingle recycling in Connecticut. Ouellette’s company, Incorporated Industries, grinds up used roofing shingles which are then mixed with ground concrete and asphalt to make a road-paving base (and also a great base for driveways). The mixture can even be used as a temporary driveway during house construction; later, the finished driveway can be installed right on top.

To learn more about the shingle-recycling process, read Recycling roofs into roads.

Video by: Jean-Paul Vellotti

From Fine Homebuilding188
July 1, 2007