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Inspecting a Chimney

An expert mason walks you through his diagnosis of a failing chimney 

Length: 1:28
Produced By: Michael Dobsevage

Before his clients replace their roof, mason Brendan Mostecki is called on site to inspect their chimney. His diagnosis: Cracks and gaps are compromising the chimney and the lead flashing is several inches too short to be effective. The fix: Brendan will reconstruct the chimney down to the roofline.

To learn more about how Brendan reconstructed this chimney, read Rebuilding a Brick Chimney in Fine Homebuilding issue #201 (Feb/March 2009), pp.80-83.

 How to Inspect a Chimney

Chimney Maintenance
Once you've identified trouble spots in your chimney, try these great tips to repair and maintain a chimney:

Tying a Chimney to a House
Repairing a Chimney Cap
How to Repair Hairline Cracks in Chimney Mortar
How to Stop a Fireplace Draft


Video by: Justin Fink

January 30, 2009